Osaka University

Osaka University is a national university corporation established in 1931.The number of undergraduate students is 13,546 persons which is of the top among the national university corporations in Japan. Boasting 11 undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools, and 6 affiliated research institutes, Osaka University is one of Japan’s premier comprehensive research universities. We aim to be a world-leading innovative university that contributes to education and research under our motto of “Live locally, Glow Globally”. At the QS World University Rankings 2021, we ranked as the 4th in Japan, 20th in Asia and 72nd in the world. Our campus is located at the northern part of Osaka prefecture and has campuses in Suita, Toyonaka, Minoh cities and Nakanoshima in Osaka city.

Course and Programs

  • School of Letters

  • School of Human Sciences

  • School of Foreign Studies

  • School of Law

  • School of Economics

  • School of Science

  • School of Medicine

  • School of Dentistry

  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • School of Engineering

  • School of Engineering Science

  • Graduate School of Letters

  • Graduate School of Human Sciences

  • Graduate School of Law and Politics

  • Graduate School of Economics

  • Graduate School of Science

  • Graduate School of Medicine(Medicine, Medical Sciences)

  • Graduate School of Medicine(Health Sciences)

  • Graduate School of Dentistry

  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Graduate School of Engineering

  • Graduate School of Engineering Science

  • Graduate School of Language and Culture

  • Graduate School of International Public Policy

  • Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

  • Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

  • Law School

  • United Graduate School of Child Development

  • Research Institute for Microbial Diseases

  • The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research

  • Institute for Protein Research

  • Institute of Social and Economic Research

  • Joining and Welding Research Institute

  • Institute of Laser Engineering

  • Research Center for Nuclear Physics

  • Cybermedia Center

  • Immunology Frontier Research Center